1. Here I Am

From the recording Here I Am


Here I Am by-Marlo and Mark
Marlo Hower-Lyrics, and Mark Minges-Music

Two years ago yesterday
You packed your bags, walked out that door and went away
I thought I wouldn’t make it
Cried until I couldn’t take it
Yet here I am

It took awhile for me to see
That day you took your shit and left
Was best for me
You sold me on your fake love, broke me like the worst drug
Yet here I am

Never did I figure you out
You wallowed ‘round in your own self doubt
Why didn’t I call you out

I’m so done blaming you
Picked myself up, turned it ‘round and I’ve come through
Love who I became, my past don’t cause me shame
Look at me Here I am

I hear you’re on to someone new
Wish her the best, hope she don’t unglue
Maybe she’ll be like me, survive you too

Stronger than I thought
Smarter now I won’t get caught
Look at me, look at me
Here I am

Here I am, Here I am
Look at me, look at me
Here I am

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