1. Jenny's Song

From the recording Brighter Days


Jenny’s Song
Lyrics - Marlo Hower, Music - Mark Minges
February 15, 2020

She sees things differently she’s, slightly askew
She won't get what you mean feelings leave her confused Jenny, if you hear me
Hold your head up high

You see she won't quite fit
Into the mold this crazy world has set
Jenny, if you hear me
You're not, you're not alone on this path

She's imperfectly perfect.
Try to understand

She seems a little unwound
But when she dances her feet float above the ground
Oh, Jenny if you hear me
Hold your head up high

She's imperfectly perfect
Your rules don't apply
She's imperfectly perfect
But so are you and I

She can't change, it's how she's made
And she deserves your kindness and not your shade
Jenny, wish you'd hear me.
Don't let, no don't let this life treat you wrong

She's imperfectly perfect
But she still belongs
She's imperfectly perfect
And she deserved this song

Copyright © 2020 Marlo and Mark Music