From the recording Clarity

A woman reflects on her wonderful and happy life filled with love. In the Americana, Folk, Acoustic Singer/Songwriter genres. Similar artists - Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Ani DiFranco, Brandi Carlile


We Are Happy Now
Lyrics - Marlo Hower, Music - Mark Minges

Packing up boxes it’s time for a change
Sad to say goodbye but our memories remain
Of this place where together
We made the most beautiful life
You were happy then I was happy then

We had land in the woods
That looked over the lake
Where our hopes came to life
And our dreams they took stake
We built a house and we filled it
With family and friends
So together we could live
Our best life, oh it was the best life

And the kids were all wild
They forged bonds made to last
For years it transpired just as we desired
And our home filled with laughter and joy and so much love
You were happy then I was happy then

The fires in the pit
Could be seen up to Mars
There were races to catch the most fireflies in jars
All of these moments forever etched in our minds

You were happy then We were happy then

And now we have moved on
to a new foreign land
Where the people come together and offer their hands
Before you know it your family
Has grown in the blink of an eye
We are happy now We are happy now

And we’re as happy now in a new kind of way
No longer sad to say goodbye
To those good old days
Or to the place where our lives truly began
We are as happy now, as we were back then
We are as happy now, as we were back then

Copyright © 2019 Marlo and Mark