Marlo and Mark Website Privacy Policy 

Nov. 2, 2020 

We know the protection of your information is important. If you choose to submit your email or other private information with, it will not be sold to third parties.  Your information submitted on our site will not be shared with other third parties that are not working with us or on our behalf to fulfill requests.  We use forms to collect basic information you submit and those forms are encrypted. 

Our web hosting service does collect anonymous information about users in the aggregate for traffic analysis patterns, usage and to help improve the usability of our site. 

If you have submitted your email address to receive information from us, but wish to opt out of receiving those communications please send an email with instructions to to be removed from our mailing list. 

We may link to other websites from that we think may be helpful to our users, but we can’t guarantee their safety or privacy—always be aware of where you are and how the website may be using or collecting your information. 

You are welcomed and encouraged to link to homepage, as long as the sites from which you are linking are lawful and would not harm the reputation of nor cause any technical issues. 

This website and all of its content is owned by and is protected by United States copyright.  It cannot be reproduced, modified, nor distributed by any third parties.  The exceptions to this are the news releases and news photos available in the Press Kit for appropriate use and reproduction from this website. If you wish to use any of the other material within this website, you must request and receive written permission by emailing: 

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